Vegemag is a media founded in 2014. It is oriented around several themes: plant food, animal protection, nature, travel, sport…

Thanks to a careful editorial treatment, it offers relevant information based on research, expertise and in-depth study.

Committed to humanist values, he is not afraid to stimulate the debate of opinions, while guaranteeing respect for the rules of journalism ethics.

A dynamic community

Vegemag has developed an active community of readers on social networks. Live chats and debates are organized with experts and personalities from all walks of life.

A professionnal editorial team

Vegemag’s editorial team focuses on professional journalists and influential external contributors.

Cédric Garrofé is the founder of Vegemag. He is a professional journalist and social networking specialist. It also offers specialization courses in social networks and assistance in sensitizing students to the detection of false information.

Corentin Chauvel is a professional journalist in Brazil. He has worked for many media, including Libération, 20 Minutes and was editor in chief of the Rio de Janeiro edition of the Petit Journal. He participates in the editorial enrichment of Vegemag.

Expert contributors

Vegemag regularly opens its columns to experts. He welcomed Jane Goodall (primatologist), Audrey Jougla (philosopher), Cees de Quaasteniet (entrepreneur), Elise De Brouwer (photographer), George C. Wang (Professor Emeritus), Matt Frazier (ultrarunner) and Marion Thelliez (naturopath).

A global online platform

Vegemag’s site is oriented minimalist for an ideal user experience, and benefits from a structure designed to optimize sharing on social networks.

It is also responsive for use on all media, and Google Amp compatible. Vegemag also offers applications for mobiles and tablets (Android, and soon on IOS).

Vegemag in a few figures

220,000 unique visitors in April 2017
260,000 page views in April 2017
More than 100,000 subscribers on social networks
86% women and 14% men
64% of readers are between 18 and 34 years old