Live My Vegan Life (Episode 1)

Being a vegan or a vegetarian also means facing adventures that make up all the “charm” of our days. Our editorial team summarizes them in animated gifs.

1 – When you told your family that you were becoming a vegan

2 – And when you told to your friends…

3 – When someone suggest to try this new super fast food restaurant that has just opened


4 – When your best friend tells you that he would like to stop eating meat, but he will never succeed

5 – When you are told the story of the suffering carrot, after a long argument

6 – When you place a good repartee in a debate with an omnivore

7 – When your mother-in-law invites you to eat at her house

8 – When an omnivore announces his intention to test your diet

9 – When you are single, you think that you will never find a person like yourself

10 – When you specify your vegetarianism to a waiter and he offers you fish instead of meat

11 – When your argument hit the nail on the head

12 – When you have to explain for the 32,343th time (since the beginning of the year) why you don’t eat meat

13 – When you come across a vegan by accident


Written by Vegemag